Monterey, CA
TEAM LUNA is really just beginning the mountain bike season but have already begun collecting podium spots. Olympians Catharine Pendrel, Georgia Gould, and Katerina Nash, along with 9-time US National Champion Chloe Forsman put in a top class effort at this weekend’s SeaOtter Cycling Classic.

The 2009 SeaOtter will be a year to remember, along with the usual excitement for both cyclists and spectators, this 4-day celebration of sport and community was blessed by the sun. This usual turn of the weather for this event brought out the crowds and inspired the athletes to their best performances; TEAM LUNA was no different.

In the XC Mountain Bike event, Georgia outclassed her competition in speed and technique to bring home the gold; Catharine Pendrel finished in 3rd, Katerina Nash was 7th. AVIA sponsored Conrad Stoltz was 8th in the men’s race.

In the SRAM Short Track event, the terrain suited Pendrel’s skills for another bronze finish. While Gould finished in 5th, and Nash finished in 8th with AVIA sponsored Melanie McQuaid hot on her heels. Chloe Forsman rounded out the team in 14th; Conrad Stoltz finished in 16th.

Additional LUNA Results:
Pan American Continental Championships held in Santiago, Chile, proved successful for the AVIA sponsored LUNA Pro Team. Catharine Pendrel rode off the front and won by 5 minutes over her LUNA teammate Georgia Gould who finished in 2nd. Chloe Forsman rode aggressively despite crashing and dealing with damaged bike parts to finish in 5th in the U23 race. Because of the large amount of UCI points available at the Continental Championships, Catharine’s win made her the number one ranked riding in the world. Way to go!

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