Reinaldo Colucci- 2nd Ironman Brazil

Florianopolis, Brazil – Congrats Reinaldo Colucci on your 1st Ironman! Colucci of teamTBB, exited the swim finish in 2nd just behind Frederico Montiero. This young athlete’s determination and heart is more than enough to make up for his lack of experience at Iron distance racing. Colucci set the perfect tone for the day from from the gun start. On the bike, course record holder, Eduardo Sturla would pull away from the rest of the field, leaving only Colucci with any hope of staying in remotely close contact. Colucci would finish with the 2nd fastest bike split, only to Sturla’s record setting time as well as the 2nd fastest run split of the day.

This young Brazilian gave his countrymen an opportunity to cheer. We know he’s got a long history ahead of him in the sport. We can hardly wait for his Kona debut.

Congrats Reinaldo Colucci on your outstanding day!

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