Rebekah Keat – magical day at Quelle Challenge Roth

Roth, Germany- Sunday’s Quelle Challenge, a fast iron distance race in Germany, was a magical day for Bek Keat. Her 2009 season has exceeded any expectations but remains a lead up for Kona.

Post-race comments from Keat reflected disappointment with her swim positioning. Keat & Wellington came out of the water neck and neck in 50:21, each working for themselves. Once on the bike, Keat’s goal was to keep Chrissie in sight as long as possible. Wellington, the women’s world record setting cyclist pulled away on the hills as Keat rode with intensity but mentally prepared for the run. Into T2, Keat was 10-minutes down from Wellington as she began her push for the finish. Keat kept her focus ahead with a few reminders of the strong runners, including Catriona Morrison, still behind her. One-third of the way through the run, Keat was reeling in Wellington. In the end, Rebekah Keat would put over 2-minutes into Wellington’s marathon for a run split of 2:55:26.

For Bek Keat, Germany’s Quelle Challenge Roth was a magical day – she was closing on the current world champion in the final miles to finish 2nd as well as shattered the current iron distance record with her final clock time of 8:39:24.

Additional AVIA athletes racing include: Erika Csomor (4th)

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