More Victories for the LUNA CHIX

The Luna Chix have taken the “conquer & divide” philosophy and have been racking up the medals around the world. A few recent highlights include:

Iceman Cometh – the 20th anniversary of the mountain bike races held in Kalkaska, MI, drew over 4,700-races. Alison Dunlap won the championship.

UCI Cyclocross World Cup, Norway – Katerina Nash had a strong race, finishing in 5th. She followed it up with two wins at the Mercer Cup in New Jersey, the following weekend.

SuperCross Cup, Southampton NY – Georgia Gould had a fantastic weekend, bringing home 2nd & 3rd place medals.

Ironman Arizona – Terra Castro had one of the best races of her life. Her 3:16 run earned her a 6th place finish.

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