McQuaid 5-0: XTERRA Atlantic Cup

The XTERRA Atlantic Cup- a sweep for TEAM AVIA!!

In women’s race Melanie McQuaid, “inspired by Conrad, the tough guy of the year award winner” led from start-to-finish and stayed perfect in an overwhelmingly imperfect, unpredictable sport. It’s McQuaid’s fifth straight XTERRA Cup Series win this year, and second-in-a-row in Richmond.

“I’ve just been playing it one race at a time,” came the cliche from McQuaid. “I’ve been feeling good, and my fitness is good. Today I was very conservative because I didn’t want to end up doing the “suffer shuffle” on the run because of the heat and humidity like I’ve done here before.”

The weather in Richmond cooperated today, with downright pleasant, cool, overcast conditions.

“It was the best racing weather ever,” said Danelle Kabush, LUNA Pro, also sponsored by AVIA, ran her way from fifth to third and moved into the No. 2 spot in the XTERRA Cup Series.

Shonny Vanlandingham, LUNA Pro, sponsored by AVIA, came out of the water in 3rd not too far behind McQuaid and said “my swim was so good I just wanted to quit right then.” Of course, she didn’t, she blasted the bike and finished second behind McQuaid and “was happy I didn’t get caught on the run by Danelle.”

With the victory McQuaid has now collected the maximum 500 points heading into the XTERRA USA Championship race in Utah on Sept. 26.

“I’m still racing the next two though because I don’t want anyone to catch up,” chuckled McQuaid. Indeed the best case scenario for a competitor would be Danelle Kabush. If DK wins the next three she’d end up with 472 points, a 28-point differential (meaning Kabush could win the Cup Series if, for example, she won the XTERRA USA Championship and McQuaid finished 5th or worse at that race).

CONGRATS AVIA Ladies! We’re proud of you!

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