Ironman World Championships- Sturla Finishes 10th

Two-time Ironman Brazil winner, Eduardo Sturla, has become accustomed to the title “champion” but the one spot he had yet to claim was podium in Hawaii. With potentially the deepest men’s field ever, Sturla was on the line with 5 past Ironman World Champions, several other top podium finishers and a couple Olympians. The minutes after Andy Potts exited the water seemed to drag by like hours. Then the powerhouses hit the bike- Torbjorn Sinballe, Chris Lieto, Macca, Normann, Faris- with that stacked field who else would stand a chance? This was Sturla’s year. Off the bike in 13th, he celebrated as he passed 3 former World Champions. He ran himself to 10th and a spot on the podium where he belongs.

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