Ironman China

Hainan Island, China

This past weekend, AVIA sponsored, teamTBB athletes took on Ironman China. Temperatures hit 113-degrees causing even the race winners to struggle in the final miles of the run. Many experienced Ironathletes claimed it was the toughest race they have ever done. Charlotte Paul, the women’s champion described the heat as “searing” but with her steady pace she out-ran the top men in the marathon.

teamTBB athletes were challenged as much as any participant but recent training camps in the Phillipines prepared them to persevere in the toughest conditions. Congrats to Tereza Macel, Donna Phelan & Jocelyn Wong! Tez raced with all she had- putting up the fastest swim & bike splits, she suffered on the run along with teammate Donna Phelan; teamTBB ladies finished in a respective 3rd & 4th place. Brandnew to the professional ranks, Jocelyn Wong, maintained a steady pace throughout the day, and is proud to post one of the fastest run times of the day and take 8th on the podium.

Additional AVIA athletes, competing for teamTBB included: Mat O’Hollaran (9th), Zach Ruble (12th), and Manny Huerta (14th).

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