IM South Africa Results

Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa

Lucie Zelenkova is on fire. The day started out right as she posted the fastest women’s swim time, right on the heels of the men. Lucie followed this up with the fastest bike time of the day allowing her to enjoy the run and flash her brilliant smile to a crowd that has come to know & love Lucie as one of their own. Though Zelenkova is from the Czech Republic, she calls South Africa home, and won’t turn down an opportunity to test her skills on the hometown soil.

“It was tough. I don’t think any Ironman is easy, but I am super happy now. I think the heat took a lot out of the people on the run. But I had good day,” said Zelenkova.

Lucie broke the course record as she cruised to victory in a finish time of 9-hours 16-minutes. Her win gives her a double title as she claimed #1 at IM South Africa 70.3 earlier this year.

Additional AVIA athletes from teamTBB included Caroline Koll (5th), Stephen Bayliss (4th), and James Cunnama (6th).

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