Eneko Llanos- 2nd Ironman European Championships

Frankfurter Sparkasse European Championship, Frankfurt – Sunday’s Ironman Germany & European Championship hosted an impressive field including Ironman World Champions – Faris Al Sultan, Chris McCormack and 70.3 World Champion Terenzo Bozzone. Bozzone emerged first from the Langener Waldsee with Eneko Llanos and Andreas Raelert not that far behind. Faris Al Sultan, Mathias Hecht and Hektor Llanos also managed to stay close to the Kiwi.

Team AVIA’s Eneko Llanos moved into the lead early on during the bike segment as 2008 champion Chris McCormack and 2007 champion Timo Bracht were trying to overcome their 3+ minute swim deficits. Raelert, Bozzone and Al Sultan also rotated to the front of the first pack to keep the second pack containing McCormack, Bracht and Jan Raphael at bay. Eneko Llanos and Raelert continued to push the pace, causing Bozzone and Al Sultan to suffer. Macca hung in third and Bracht in fourth.

Llanos hit T2 first, determined to hold off Macca who has a habit of stealing first in the home stretch. McCormack and Bracht passed Realert in their hunt for Llanos. At about 10mitles into the marathon McCormack surged away from Bracht and began gaining time on Llanos. With just over 10k to go, McCormack caught Llanos and they they ran side by side. Bracht started to gain on the leaders in the next 5km, simultaneaously Macca seemed to hit the wall. Bracht crossed the line in a new course record time of 7:59:15 with his very impressive 2:43:06 marathon run time. Llanos crossed the line about a minute later in second and McCormack held on to the final podium spot.

Congrats Eneko on an outstanding finish & pushing the winner to a course record!

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