Congrats to Ironman Cd’A Champion Heather Wurtele!

Congrats to Heather Wurtele! Ironman Coeur d’Alene was her first iron distance as a professional athlete and she proved to everyone, including herself that she deserves a spot on the podium with champions. Heather had a great swim that set the stage for her favorite portion of the race- the bike. From there on out, it was her lanky stride, passion, mostly heart, and a payoff for all those long runs in Victoria. Heather Gollnick was especially out chase down Wurtele, but this was the day Heather Wurtele would take her first Ironman title.

Check out her pre-race interview with Greg Welch:

See Heather’s Strong Finish!:

Check out her post-race interview:

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