Eduardo Sturla: 2009 Ironman Brazil Champion

Florianopolis, Brazil – This weekend’s Ironman Brazil was a race to remember. Eduardo Sturla made the 3-times-a-charm mantra come true as he dominated the deep field of professional men. For this Argentinian, this race is part of who he is. Sturla has been competing in triathlons for over 18-years and the 34-year old plans to continue racing for several more. The crowd in Brazil is wild for Sturla and his goal is to give them his best performance.

Sunday’s race began just as Sturla had visualized since last year’s Ironman Brazil. Two minutes off the leaders, some fast feet to follow, conserving just a little energy to prove his prowess on the hot bike and run course. AVIA sponsored, Reinaldo Colucci of teamTBB, exited the swim finish in 2nd just behind Frederico Montiero. Having a decade less experience but determination and heart to make up for it, Colucci would also set the tone for the rest of his day and his very first Ironman.

On the bike, Sturla quickly found his zone. Having set a bike course record in 2008 of 4:27:01, the roads of Florianopolis, were a test between Sturla and the clock. As planned, Sturla began pulling away. He would break his own record with a 4:23:35 split. Colucci minimized the gap to 8-minutes and the rest of the field trailing by over 18-minutes.

Sturla titled “the flying Argentian” and rightfully so for his ability to punish himself on the bike and still run strong through the finish. Sturla’s 2:58:02 run split would allow him give some fan love along the course and fully enjoy capturing his third Ironman Brazil title. Colucci finished in 2nd, and Petr Vabrousek leading the rest of the field nearly 25-minutes back from Sturla’s 8:13:39 clock time.

Next on the list- Kona. Sturla has twice finished in 13th, last year broke into the top 10, and you can bet he’ll be even more prepared for the 2009 Ironman World Championships.

Congrats to Eduardo Sturla & Reinaldo Colucci!

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